Echidna inc - Challenging the Status-Quo to Provide Comprehensive Solutions

CIO Vendor With technological advancement in all fields, it has become imperative for companies to evolve along with technology in order to meet ever-evolving customer requirements. Companies encounter a variety of challenges, such as the need to offer cloud options in addition to traditional on-premise options, follow consumer tech, and simplify user experience.

Effective UI/UX solution providers consider the problems users have and try to find the best and most efficient ways to solve them, customizing solutions for diverse clients and providing UI/UX solutions accordingly. A great solutions provider will tackle complex tasks and transform them into intuitive, accessible, and easy-to-use designs for billions of people around the world. Providers should be able to empathize with the clients as well as understand the scope and timeline of the project.

Echidna Inc., headquartered in Minneapolis, supplies compelling and usable designs, driven by a deep understanding of their business and their clients. The company has a thriving UX team in Bangalore that does visual design, information architecture and user research. Echidna, along with partners like Mozu Commerce, Order Cloud. io, and Magento Commerce, to name a few, provides holistic solutions related to design, marketing and technology. Echidna caters to clients’ needs by thoroughly researching them, and thus personalizing their UX(user experience). This ensures that the services provided are easy for the customer to utilize. Echidna articulates desirable possibilities and crafts that desirability through information architecture and visual design.

Equipping partners with powerful business administration tools empowers them to run their businesses well and enables them to properly merchandise and promote their products. “Echidna has always taken the approach of specialization, with a collaborative methodology.
In particular to UX services, we ensure that user researchers, information architects and visual designers have distinct roles and yet always inform and design incrementally as a unit,” asserts Michael Braun, VP User Experience, Echidna Inc.

Echidna Inc. has a thriving UX team in Bangalore that does visual design, information architecture and user research

Echidna understands the importance of adopting new technology in order to provide reliable solutions and fulfill the need for technological advancement. This, in turn, helps Echidna thrive in the UI/UX design industry. “We continue to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being a full-service agency. By having teams and inherent specialists in optimization, customer research, visual design, interaction design, information architecture, and specific platform development, among other areas, we have deep institutional knowledge that can be used to match any client need,” says Michael Braun.

Echidna believes in renovating technology, and in order to do that, they continue to introduce new strategies across various verticals like Boost and CloudCore - an e-commerce cloud implementation primer. Boost helps improve an organization’s ROI, becoming an incubator for new business strategies while taking care of online blockers both big and small.

As a full-service design, technology, and marketing agency, Echidna provides a thoughtful action plan to the goals and needs of the customer and business. Echidna is broadening its reach across various apps and tools for B2B and B2C verticals. The company is further expanding its reach in Europe and India, continuing to offer customer experiences via design, marketing, and technology.