EvolutionCo : The User Experience Specialists

CIO Vendor There is something for everyone on the web. Attached to the web is user experience which has emerged as an inseparable entity whose importance only grows. With more businesses establishing themselves online and technology reaching new heights the limitations to user experience continues to become blur. However the basic of the function of UI-UX also happens to pose as a challenge in this field, i.e., the delivery of a seamless and intuitive experience for the users across all channels and platforms. Mumbai based EvolutionCo Digital & Interactive Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. has put in a refined thought process to create a UX methodology to address this challenge of cross channel user behaviour to create a seamless navigational and transactional experience and has been successfully delivering the same.

EvolutionCo offers a wide array of services for enhanced user experience such as User Experience Strategy, User Experience Design, User Research, Experience Lifecycle/Mapping, Wireframes & Prototyping, and Interaction Design. EvolutionCo boosts of being the User Experience specialists. Delineating on the positioning as User Experience specialists, the Co-Founders& Managing Partners of EvolutionCo, Mangesh Sangekar & Dhiresh Adiyeri says, “EvolutionCo has a specialized team of User experience and UI Designers with the core focus to create exceptional experiences for all platforms. We are in vogue with the current design trends and all our projects, be it Websites, Portals, Business Applications follow the science of user centric behaviour coupled with clean style and interactive designs which cut across all kinds of computing and mobility platforms.”

Revealing a deep user understanding, the Co-founders explain that users love interacting more than reading. Hence, the skilled team at EvolutionCo leverages on latest front end technologies that enables them to enhance the effectiveness of the content and provide an infographic storytelling style which combines exciting imagery with interaction making it engaging for the users.
What gives them an edge in the market is their in-house UX and UI methodology called Hyper Experience, a methodology which is mapped based on various parameters like Captivating, Complete, Consistent, Congruent and Crystal. This methodology is implemented for delivering high-enduser experience projects.At EvolutionCo, they ensure that all important stakeholders who would be using or interacting with the application are mapped and their needs are taken care of.

EvolutionCo offers a wide array of services for enhanced user experience such as User Experience Strategy, User Experience Design, User Research and many more

The pillars that become the framework of the information architecture at EvolutionCo for delivering exceptional UX are understanding the mission and purpose, defining the short-term and long-term goals, mapping the content that needs to be presented and understanding the target audience. EvolutionCo specializes in creating functional prototypes which gives them a clear understanding of content structure, features of the UI, navigation flow, interactivity, functionality and important call-to-actions.They use Axure RP for creating high-end functional wireframes & prototypes.

The simple innovations that EvolutionCo brings to their design approach while keeping the basics similar is indeed what differentiates them from others in the herd. Headstrong to transform user experience across the digital space, EvolutionCo aims to shape user behaviour using strong heuristic principles which is the way industry and practice seems to be progressing.