Innoraft: Leveraging Drupal to Deliver Flawless UX

CIO Vendor UI-UX is swelling up to become the chief identifier of the businesses for the customers. The market has reached a point where UI-UX commands the loyalty of the customer. This is enough to sum up the importance of UI-UX design.What most clients seek is a design that facilitates clear communication, familiarity with the brand, consistency throughout the website and eye-catchy visuals. However the demand surging the market is for a design that is compatible on all devices. Rightfully aligning themselves along these customer expectations is Innoraft, a web service company based in Kolkata, providing UX-UI solutions.

What sets Innoraft apart is their approach to the entire process. They work as an extended technical arm of the client organisation, sharing recommendations from the ideation stage until delivery. Working with the Drupal platform long enough, they have established themselves as Drupal specialists. At Innoraft, quality governs every stage. Working over the open source platform such as Drupal, Innoraft ensure that the coding standards are the ones accepted by the community. Innoraft is backed by a strong UI & UX team that works from the ground up to convert imagination to designs to code.

The testing services at Innoraft are extensive and rigorous. Solutions are designed following a number of manual and automated tests. These are done with the view to minimise any kind of bugs or defects in applications that may arise at different stages while the application is run. The testing team puts a lot of effort in automation by creating customized scripts for application. For every new build regression cases are run. Every build is run on all screen sizes and devices. Adding to the extensive testing services, applications are also tested from various geographic locations to detect bottlenecks in the architecture.
Developing flawless websites compatible across different platforms is a hallmark of the expertise they hold. While developing application for smaller screen due attention is paid at the font type and size so as to keep it legible. 3 versions of the same website is designed ensure the content scales freely on multiple devices.

As a part of cloud hosting services, Innoraft works with the development team of the client organisation at every stage acting as advisors. They assist in all different cloud environment- development, staging and production. With ready services to be plugged into applications which help track errors, and failures of their code in live time, providing monitoring and analytics service clients can be rest assured with absolutely no additional work, like to integrate APIs etc.

Innoraft is backed by a strong UI & UX team that works from the ground up to convert imagination to designs to code

Leveraging on their web expertise, Innoraft is a team of fun loving members who are best at what they do. They boost of clientele across industry verticals such as healthcare, education as well as various corporate. Documenting every stage and meeting deadlines is an added trait. Envisioning to establish Innoraft as a leader across technologies, the team is expanding to include different trending technologies and cater to different markets like Data Analytics, Mobile Apps, IOT, etc. Collaborating with Innoraft clients are rest assured that quality will be delivered on time.