SocialPanga: Redefining UI / UX with Client Centricity

CIO Vendor A website is now a necessity for a company. Gone are the days when only industry bigwigs would have a presence on the web. Today, a web domain is blocked as soon as the brand name for a company is finalized.In a world where all your peers and competitors have their own presence on web and mobile – it comes down to the design and functionality of your website that will make you stand out from the crowd. “It’s all in the experience” – says Gaurav Arora, Co-Founder of SocialPanga – a social media and UI/UX company based out of Bangalore that has consistently delivered breakthrough UI/UX and design for its clients.

SocialPanga works extensively in the UI/UX domain and specializes in web, mobile, wearable and IoT UI / UX design

Providing more perspective into SocialPanga’s design philosophy, Gaurav says, “It is very important to first be able to appreciate the importance of a good UI/UX. When a user first visits your website or mobile application and is able to conveniently navigate through the various functionalities, it builds a feeling of trust, which makes them a returning user. Conversely, a bad UI will make the user bounce off in search of a competitor, and in today’s competitive environment, finding a competitor wouldn’t be difficult!”

Gaurav equates a good UI / UX design to the act of foreplay and says, “If you’re not able to excite and interest your target at the first step, you’re never going to be able to make a full sale!”
When asked how SocialPanga differentiates itself from other UI/UX agencies, Gaurav talks about the importance of being able to perceive the end-consumer’s explicit and implicit needs when they come to a website, and being able to fulfill them.

The second area where SocialPanga does things differently is its strong focus on client-centricity - where a collaborative approach enables them to design unconventional and breakthrough applications and websites. The process begins with a list of questions developed in-house, which tries to unearth the psyche of the clients and better grasp their needs. This is followed by brainstorming sessions and end user surveys, the inputs from which culminate into the final design.

SocialPanga works extensively in the UI/UX domain and specializes in web, mobile, wearable and IoT UI / UX design. Having a plethora of experience of developing on major Web UI, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and other platforms, SocialPanga has arrived at a design philosophy that focuses on attention to detail and zero compromises.

Reminiscing about some of SocialPanga’s most successful and satisfying projects, Gaurav gives the example of a UI designed for a leading SMCT company which was experiencing a bounce rate of 60 – 70 percent of organic traffic. With the SocialPanga touch, the bounce rate came to as low as 35 percent, along with an increase in the time spent on the website from 1 – 1.5 minutes to 3 – 3.5 minutes!

Gaurav envisions SocialPanga to emerge as a complete end-to-end service provider with presence from the current 20 countries to across the globe. Having an enviable client list that includes Horlicks, Decathlon, Titan, Flipkart, and more, the company is spearheading to transform the UI/UX domain!