Yellow Slice : Not just Designing but Making Experiences Happen

CIO Vendor You might see this is as just a line, but at Yellow Slice this is the Brand Statement. The time is moving fast, businesses are endlessly working towards reaching three important goals: generate new revenues, enhance brand identity and increase customer engagement. These goals are increasingly been accomplished using the digital world both apps and websites. What makes everyone different the experience they share with their consumers. At Yellow Slice the “Process” of creating experiences is the key to a successful brand and a happy customer.

Yellow Slice was established in 2009 in Mumbai as a brand that promises to create designs that will make a smarter planet. Today the company has been assertive to deliver the vision of outstanding design solutions across all industries nationwide and has made the title “Yellow Slicer” an honorable one. The company offers a unique and effective process that gives an extra edge over competitors. Its unconventional way to handle office culture has made Yellow Slice a really fun place to work for. Apart from specializing in UX/UI, Yellow Slice also offers Brand Design, Brand Audit and UX Audit as a service for innovative and thriving companies.
The company takes pride in its culture and people that work for them. Activities like quarterly trips, Yellow Day Saturdays, Internal Projects and initiatives. Even the best dressed at Yellow Days wins a prize! They all sum up to healthy and productive environment. The process of UX at Yellow Slice has been constantly modified based on analysis and understanding from previous projects. This puts them at a completely different level for UX/UI solutions. One of the main aspects of the UX process is research, the company enormously focuses on user, competitor and market research which helps them achieve desired goals. Even after the products are made Yellow Slice runs various usability and user tests to smoothen the entire user journey. With an in-house UX Lab and metrics to measure them Yellow Slice is right up there when it come to usability and user testing. This proliferating growth has helped partner with major brands like Croma, Tata DHP, PNGadgil Jewellers, Jet Airways, Vaicom 18 and many more.

Yellow Slice offers a unique and effective process that gives an extra edge over competitors

Today as a brand Yellow Slice is spreading across as one of India’s top UX/UI agency. Their consistency and quality of delivery has helped them venture to Bangalore which was incepted last month, it also has future plans to launch in Delhi and Pune. They have also initiated a couple more startups like Design Mortals Academy and Bhagwaanji, which are completed incubated at Yellow Slice.